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May 16 2017

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Got a fun essay coming up for you guys.

Maybe Yuan Shu wasn’t as crazy as he seemed.

May 15 2017

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coo coo B)))

Reposted byzamknioczy zamknioczy

May 13 2017

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this is the best twitter story i’ve seen in ages

May 12 2017

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Sanguo Rants Episode 5: Background Noise

You might as well watch this one in the background because most of the good stuff happens off-screen.

May 09 2017

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This fucking sentence gave me a goddamn fucking stroke i can’t even handle this shit right now are you fucking kidding me this game is goign to be such fucking garbageshit

May 05 2017

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Hey guys. I’m sorry to do this, especially so early in the series, but no SGR today. We ran into some production issues we didn’t notice at the last minute and we couldn’t get it cleaned up in time for the video to be posted today.


It’s still really funny to me that I could say almost anything on twitter or tumblr that was really ridiculous and outright horrendous and get absolutely no reply

But then whenever I talk about my life-long passion(s) and my experiences with said passion, here comes some dickwaffle with an anime icon, who is here to inform me that actually my life is a lie because they didn’t live it

Like. Anything. Pretty sure I could actually snap a man’s neck on livestream and I’d get fewer messages than if I post about the sacred topic of vidya gaems™

May 04 2017

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Happy Halloween from the cutest and nom-happiest BB-8 you’ve ever seen!

LOTS more photos on our blog over here!

(A shout-out to mgc78251 for guessing my costume last night!  We know we didn’t give many clues in our progress shots!)

Rebageling for the evening crowd!  Plus, check out Mango’s coordinating Rey costume!

Time for a Star Wars Day throwback to my Halloween costume last year!

April 28 2017

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Sanguo Rants Episode 4: Character Development

In which I whine about Hua Xiong and the Battle of Yangren.

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April 21 2017

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Sanguo Rants Episode 3: The Peach Boys

Just between you and me, most of this episode is the show introducing us to minor characters.

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Visit theonion.com to see more from the standard bearer of global journalism.

April 14 2017

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Sanguo Rants Episode 2: The Cricketing

Love, lust, murder, and crickets.

New episodes every Friday.





some dude on survivor outed another survivor who happened to be trans and called it “deception” like this was some damn soap opera and everyone was like ”lmao that’s personal and not your fucking problem?” and the host immediately said “We don’t need to vote, just grab your torch” and had him kicked off. that’s some instant fucking karma.

and then they let it air and outed someone to everyone ??

Yeah, they still aired it. I bet any money they knew he was trans and were counting on that coming up, perhaps only for tokenism rather than drama, but I have doubts.

Just coz they played the role of “look what such good allies we all are” doesn’t mean they didn’t just exploit a trans person and leverage transantagonism for ratings.

Zeke applied for the show without telling them he was trans because he wanted to be Zeke the survivor contestant and not just the trans survivor contestant. It was after the producers contacted him to say they were interested in casting him that he revealed it only to the producers. So yeah, they knew he was trans, but not because of the drama or as a token, they were already going to cast him before they knew because he wanted to make sure he wasn’t cast just to be a token.

Zeke and Jeff Probst (the host) had talked about how he would be able to decide whether or not he wanted the fact that he’s trans to be part of his story and when it would be revealed on the show if it would be revealed. Unfortunately, he couldn’t pick when because Varner outed him.

They kept it in the show because Zeke wanted it to be aired. Zeke got to decide with the producers and the help of GLAAD how the episode would be handled and they had been discussing it since the tribal council happened when the show was filmed 8 or 9 months ago up until it aired yesterday. He was happy that because his tribemates came to his defense and he was able to speak about his own feelings about what happened that something positive came out of a horrible situation and that’s partly why he wanted it aired. 

Here’s an interview he did on The Talk earlier today where he talks about how he felt and why it was still aired. And here’s the essay he wrote for the Hollywood Reporter. In the tribal council (7:33-9:30) he talked about his feelings of wanting to be just Zeke the contestant when he applied to the show.

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Trump is playing games and wasting taxpayer money to look tough on Putin and distract corporate media. And of course they took the bait. Many Dems and establishment “liberal” journalists are effusively praising Trump for being “presidential”…..

That’s all it took - one bogus military operation, and *poof* all the fake progressives who were saying #NotMyPresident a few weeks ago, are suddenly showering Trump with praise.

How quickly they seem to have forgotten about Trump’s pending budget cuts to the social safety net, and his blatant racism and Islamophobia. If Trump really wanted to help the people of Syria, he would accept more Syrian refugees and stop pushing his discriminatory, unconstitutional Ban on Muslims.

It feels like corporate media is trying to sell us into another war in the Middle East.

How easy they define “Presidential”.  Remember when he gave a speech and the Press creamed all over themselves because he read it off a teleprompter and “Sounded so Presidential”.  Everyone in DC that seems to “Oppose” him is just falling over themselves looking for excuses to support him.  Even Hillary who has NO reason to need anything from him, is praising him.

April 12 2017






spicer said this shit during passover. like don’t believe for a second he made an innocent mistake, that he wasn’t aware of what he was saying.

like this is explicitly antisemitic and he clearly doesn’t understand why

he straight up doesn’t believe that German Jews were people

“he never used them on fellow Germans” the implication that german jewish ppl were somehow “not truly german” was quite literally at the core of nazi ideology, this is so incredibly mind-numbingly transparent.

[Image: A Facebook post by Press Secretary Sean Spicer which reads

“The media has mischaracterized my recent statements on the Assad regime. It was not my intention to imply that Hitler had never used chemical weapons, but that he never used them on fellow Germans.

At the point where Assad is attacking his own people with chemical weapons, you have to wonder if he is willing to do the same to United States citizens.

-  Press Secretary Sean Spicer “]

April 11 2017

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April 10 2017

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CHAMPAIGN, IL—Confirming that the findings were consistent across all age, gender, racial, and socioeconomic demographics, a study published Monday in The American Journal of Psychology determined that “hangin’ in there” is the best one can ever expect to feel. “After surveying the emotional state of thousands of respondents, we have concluded that the maximum amount of happiness a human being can now experience falls within the range of ‘gettin’ by’ to ‘hangin’ in there,’” read the report in part, which went on to note that “hangin’ in there” was an extremely rare experience for the vast majority of people, and that lower-grade feelings such as “so-so” and “eh” were far more common. “Although a very small subset of subjects reported occasions of having dispositions elevated to the point of ‘can’t complain,’ this was considered to be an anomaly and not statistically significant.” The report pointed out, however, that while “hangin’ in there” represents the highest potential state of contentment one can hope to reach, there is still no known limit to how shitty one can possibly feel.

April 09 2017

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Sanguo Rants: Episode 1

In which I don’t do nearly as much ranting as I originally intended.

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