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I don’t like the “everything needs to be connected” attitude to storytelling.

Watching the first episode of The Advisors Alliance, and apparently they’re making Yang Biao, Sima Fang, and Hua Tuo part of the “Belt Edict” assassination plot. So how are they going to handle the fact that Yang Biao and Sima Fang don’t get executed later? Oh, and Xu Shu and Hou Yin is involved to, because why not? Might as well shove as many names in there as possible.

Also not liking the hint that Xun Yu is complicit. That is going to be a real pain to explain down the line.

And as usual, the attitude toward Cao Cao’s staff is “Guo Jia is Zhuge Liang,” and “Xun You? Who’s that?”

The Sima brothers Lang, Yi, and Fu have some chemistry at least. Though it’s a bit weird they decided to basically make Sima Fu comic relief.

Yu Hewei (Liu Bei in Sanguo) makes an oddly good Cao Cao. Though the series seems to be going the more traditional villainous portrayal, it seems like Yu Hewei is channeling some aspects of his former co-star Chen Jianbin’s portrayal.

It seems as though the series may be a bit of a headache to watch… 

That sounds like a convoluted mess that in no way enhances the story.

Tossing Hou Yin in there seems totally random.

Sorry, it’s not Hou Yin actually. They just keep shoving in names (some of which I think are completely original fictional characters) that I’m getting confused.

Also, this timeline is completely messed up. Everyone is way older than they should be. Cao Zhang’s supposed to be about ten years old, but he’s walking around in armor and a beard and leading troops. Cao Zhi should be eight.

Ah, well, that clears one thing up and raises a lot more questions.

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