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November 18 2017

Saw Justice League

I’d call it a 7/10. An average action movie salvaged by its characters.

The narrative was sloppy and it lacked a lot of Snyder’s usual visual flare. But the cast was enjoyable and all of the leads turned in excellent performances that really elevated the movie.

If you like these characters or this kind of movie, you will enjoy yourself. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s a good time nonetheless.

PS: Don’t bother hanging around after the credits. It’s not worth it.

November 17 2017

DW9 Prediction

Every time Zhong Hui starts going on about his family prestige or some shit, Xin Xianying looks him in the eye and says “Your dad fucked a ghost.” and Zhong Hui just leaves.

November 15 2017

Liao Hua

Liao Hua falls into an odd realm with Three Kingdoms figures. He’s somewhat famous, but not overly so. People generally know the name, but they know little about him. This is even more perplexing given that so little is recorded about him in the SGZ and other historical records. He doesn’t even have his own biography, just a small segment under that of Zong Yu.

Nevertheless, Liao Hua has become relatively well-known. And while it’s somewhat odd, I have no reason to disparage him. Below is a summary of his career, with speculation kept to a minimum.

<!-- more -->

It’s impossible to say anything about Liao Hua’s early life. He was originally named Liao Chun but later changed his name. He was from Xiangyang and probably joined Liu Bei along with many of his countrymen around 209. He evidently remained in Jing during Liu Bei’s conquest of Yi and became a trusted subordinate of Guan Yu, serving as his registrar.

Under Guan Yu, Liao Hua must have participated in several significant operations, including the defeat at Xunyang (about 213) and the contention at Yiyang (215). He certainly participated in Guan Yu’s ill-fated attack on Fan, for he was captured by Sun Quan’s army and held as a prisoner.

Liao Hua managed to escape prison in 221. He collected his mother and they fled west together. In August of that year, Liu Bei led his army east to retake Jing. By good fortune, Liao Hua ran into Liu Bei’s army. Liu Bei was very pleased by Liao Hua’s escape and named him administrator of Yidu - the region Liu Bei was attempting to conquer.

Despite the failure of the Yidu campaign, Liao Hua remained one of Liu Bei’s advisers. After Liu Bei’s passing, Liao Hua became an official military advisor on Zhuge Liang’s staff. In this capacity he participated in Zhuge Liang’s campaign against Yong Kai, his northern expeditions, and the defense against Wei in 230.

Liao Hua was a highly respected figure in Shu. He was noted by his colleagues for his determination and his battle prowess. People of the time said that he was equal to Zhang Yi and Wang Ping. After 234, he was made controller of the Guangwu region, on the border between Wei and Shu, and was later made a general. Sometime before 248, he was made Administrator of Yinping, a commandery created in northern Hanzhong.  Given his position, Liao Hua likely participated in the defense against Cao Shuang in 243, under Wang Ping. In 247, Jiang Wei led a small expedition north to support a Qiang rebellion, and Liao Hua was again a likely participant.

Jiang Wei led another expedition north in 248, and Liao Hua definitively played a role in this one. A number of Qiang leaders revolted against Wei and were attacked by Guo Huai and Deng Ai. Jiang Wei led an army to support them. Liao Hua was sent to Mount Chengzhong to build fortifications and rally the scattered Qiang. Guo Huai attacked Chengzhong but Liao Hua was able to repel him. Jiang Wei likewise held a defensive position. Guo Huai manipulated JIang Wei into attacking and defeated him in the field. He then attacked Chengzhong with all his strength and defeated Liao Hua, forcing him to retreat.

In 249, Liao Hua and Jiang Wei invaded again with the aid of the Qiang. In the initial engagement, they were outmaneuvered by Guo Huai and Chen Tai and forced to retreat. Guo Huai subsequently led a campaign to pacify the remaining Qiang. Jiang Wei sought to take advantage of his absence and attack Nan’an. He sent Liao Hua to make a diversionary attack against Deng Ai at the Bo river while Jiang Wei himself led his army to attack Taocheng. However, Deng Ai saw through the ruse and instead brought his army to defend the city. Jiang Wei’s attack was repelled and the Shu army retreated.

Liao Hua’s role in subsequent campaigns is unclear, but his participation in all of Jiang Wei’s campaigns is all but certain. Despite the failure of all these campaigns, Liao Hua enjoyed various rewards and promotions. In 259 he was made General of the Charioteers on the Right and a marquis as well as titular inspector of Bing province. He was regarded as one of the highest ranking men in Shu, equal to Zhang Yi and inferior only to Jiang Wei and Zong Yu. It seems that after this promotion, Liao Hua remained in Chengdu and did not participate in Jiang Wei’s campaign in 262.

In 263, Jiang Wei learned that Wei was mobilizing to invade Shu and requested that Liao Hua be dispatched to Yangping to protect it against invasion, although this advice was not immediately taken. By the eighth month of the year, the Wei army invaded. Liao Hua was ordered to reinforce Jiang Wei at Dazhong. However, before he arrived, Jiang Wei was defeated by Deng Ai. With other Shu defensive positions falling as well, Liao Hua joined the remainder of the Shu army at Jian’ge to resist the Wei army.

For the next several months, Jiang Wei, Liao Hua, Zhang Yi, and Dong Jue resisted Zhong Hui’s army. Zhong Hui considered retreating, but the decision was taken from him. Deng Ai circumvented the Shu defenses and captured Chengdu, securing Liu Shan’s surrender. Jiang Wei and the others fell from Jian’ge and soon surrendered.

Liao Hua survived the chaos of Zhong Hui’s revolt in 264 and was sent to Luoyang. However, he died on the road.

November 13 2017

November 10 2017

(54.2) Lǔ Sù 魯肅 [Zǐjìng子敬]


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If you don’t love Lu Su, you don’t know Lu Su.

November 09 2017

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I’m not good at this flirting thing.

Okay but this is literally how I interact with my wife.

She knows what she married.

November 07 2017


xelethaine replied to your post “Do you have any…

I reiterate, people who have actually p l a y e d the game themselves said it felt different. I’ve heard it as both a negative and positive. I didn’t say anything about the combat not being simple, of course it’s still a simplistic hack-and-slash game. And an actual response would’ve been nice, but okay lol

What did you want me to say? That an open world game is literally the opposite of a 1vs1 fighting game? That my response was essentially “I respect it but it’s not my aesthetic” and wasn’t even a critique of the gameplay to begin with? Why are you interpreting a picture of the DW2 manual as hostile? I haven’t played the game in 15 years. Jesus, who even are you, leave me alone

How dare you not have a well-formed and very serious opinion about a series of games you haven’t planed for fifteen years!!

November 05 2017

(51.9) Sūn Sháo 孫韶 [Gōnglǐ 公禮]

(56.3) Lǚ Fàn 呂範 [Zǐhéng 子衡]


Lǚ Jù 呂據 [Shìyì 世議]

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Neither Lü Fan nor Lü Ju get the sort of credit they deserve. Lü Fan is always overshadowed by his more famous colleagues like Zhou Yu, Lu Su, and Lü Meng. He deserves no less praise than them. Lü Ju was one of the greatest of his generation, surpassed only by Zhu Yi. Father and son are both worthy of glory.

November 03 2017

I look up and see his curtains and bed;
I look down and examine his table and mat.
The things are there just as before;
But the man they belonged to is not there.
His spirit suddenly has taken flight
And left me behind far away.
To whom shall I look, on whom rely?
My tears flow in an endless stream.
“Yu, yu” cry the wandering deer
As they carry fodder to their young in the woods.
Flap, flap fly the birds
As they carry their little ones back to the nest.
I alone am desolate
Dreading the days of our long parting;
My grieving heart’s settled pain
No one else can understand.
There is a saying among people
“Sorrow makes us grow old.”
Alas, alas for my white hairs!
All too early they have come!
Long wailing, long sighing
My thoughts are fixed on my sage parent.
They say the good live long;
Then why was he not spared?
— Untitled poem by Cao Pi on the death of his father Cao Cao, translated by Arthur Waley

November 02 2017



From Zizhi tongjian, translated by Rafe de Crespigny:

In this year [181], the Emperor [Ling] ordered a market set up in the harem apartments and had all his women trading there. They robbed and fought one another, and the Emperor dressed up as a peddler, joined the crowd, and drank wine and feasted with them.

So that’s why emperors had all those enormous harems! To play real life, of course.

I can’t help feeling pity for emperor Ling. He probably would have been happier as a peddler. And, considering that the empire basically collapsed after his reign, - the whole country would have been happier as well.


This is…. fascinating… and strange.

Emperor Ling never had a chance.

He was never supposed to be an emperor. His father was a minor marquis several generations removed from the throne. But Liu Hong was shoved into power because Emperor Huan had no sons. He was only 12 when he took the throne, and he was manipulated by various court factions from Day 1 - by Emperor Huan’s eunuchs as well as Dowager Dou.

Pretty much immediately, the Dou faction and the eunuchs fought for power. The eunuchs won and manipulated Liu Hong into punishing tons of their enemies. He was just a child and didn’t know any better - he was always just doing what the adults told him was best.

He grew up surrounded by the schemes of those close to him, never knowing anything but lies and manipulation. They encouraged him to amuse himself in any bizarre way that would keep him from actually trying to govern.

It’s hard to feel anything but pity for the poor man. It’s not really his fault that he turned out the way he did. The game was rigged from the start.

November 01 2017

Hot Take

I like my characters to be real people who are relevant to the narrative or expand upon existing characters.

Biography of Xin Xianying


[From JS096]

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October 31 2017

Because it’s Halloween, here’s my favorite ghost story from the Three Kingdoms.

Paraphrased from the Lùshì Yìlín (Mister Lù’s Unusual Stories Collection). You can find the original passage in this translation of Zhong Yao’s biography.

Master Lu heard this story from his uncle, Lu Yun.

<!-- more -->

Zhong Yao was one of the most important officials in Wei. Only the emperor himself was more famous. So when Zhong Yao missed several months of court meetings and started acting strangely, people had a lot of questions. Eventually, someone confronted Zhong Yao about his strange behavior and received quite an unusual response.

Zhong Yao told the man that he was often visited by a woman of unearthly beauty. The questioner surmised that Zhong Yao’s mysterious lover must really be a demon and needed to be slain. Reluctantly, Zhong Yao agreed.

On some later night, the mysterious woman again appeared outside of Zhong Yao’s house. But she halted at the doorway and refused to go in. Zhong Yao asked her why she refused to enter, and she said “Your Excellency plans to kill me.”

Zhong Yao insisted that he had no such plans and begged her to come inside. Old Zhong Yao was a persuasive man, and he eventually convinced her to enter his home. As soon as she was inside, Zhong Yao struck.

But Zhong Yao didn’t really want to kill her. Even thinking she was a demon, he just didn’t have the heart for it. Instead, he only wounded her thigh. The mysterious woman fled into the night, using her silk dress to wipe up the blood from her wound. But she left a trail of blood behind.

The next morning, Zhong Yao sent a man to seek the trail. He followed it to a large burial mound. Inside was a coffin. Inside the coffin…

…was a beautiful woman. Though dead, she had the appearance of the living. She wore white silk clothes with red embroidery. Most shocking of all, there was a wound in her thigh and the silk around it was bloody!

((Presumably she did not trouble Zhong Yao again.))

1052 3cbd


New character for Wei has been announced: Xin Xianying

And new designs for Taishi Ci and Xu Huang

I noticed a weird graphical glitch where Xianying doesn’t have any pants. They should probably fix that before launch.

October 30 2017

At that time, many things were happening both inside and outside the borders, and the offices were bogged down with numerous administrative affairs. Fei Yi, having an extraordinary memory, needed only to skim through the documents and reports. He only needed to look briefly at something to understand the ideas in it. He read many times the speed of normal people, and neither would he forget what he read. Most of the time, he would attend to official business only in early morning and late afternoon, and during the time in between he would receive guests, feast and play, gamble and play chess, enjoying all the good things in life. Though this is so, he has never neglected any piece of his work. When Dong Yun replaced Fei Yi as Head of the Imperial Secretarial Office, he tried to imitate Fei Yi’s lifestyle. However, within ten days, a backlog of work built up. At this, Dong Yun sighed and said, ‘What a difference there can be in the talents of each person! I can never attain his level. Though I busy myself with official business all day, I still cannot attend to everything.’
— Fèi Yī Biézhuàn (费祎别传 ), SGZ 44

October 22 2017

To my neighbor who called their wifi network TRUMP2017

You should know that MAGACUCK is not a good password and is, in fact, the very first thing I guessed.

October 20 2017

Every time I see new Cao Ren I think it’s Xiahou Yuan.

(37.1) Páng Tǒng 龐統 [Shìyuán 士元]

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